Success Stories

Leveraging Analytics for Growth | Download
Balanced analytics enabled new organizational structure, sales roles and incentive plans that increased broker penetration and delivered significant YOY sales increases.

Tackling Turnover with Impact | Download
After years of failed efforts, sophisticated analytics and innovative change management were keystones to reducing turnover for 2,000 agents at five large call centers.

Maximizing Return on Technology Investment | Download
A pharmaceutical company had made a huge technology investment in distribution operations which were generating less that 50% of expected results.

Focusing Leaders on Economic Value | Download
Executives needed to shift their focus from just division earnings and margins to a more balanced view of company performance.

Reducing Turnover to Improve Customer Retention | Download
High turnover, and a poorly designed sales rep incentive program, contributed to unacceptable customer acquisition and retention results.

Improving Manufacturing Competitiveness | Download
A consumer goods company achieves an 850% return by successfully implementing a group incentive plan.

Aligning, Driving and Rewarding Group Performance | Download
The cyclical commodity market created problems in performance-oriented compensation programs because of volatile company-wide financial results.

Transition to a Team-Based Work and Rewards System | Download
A plastics manufacturer was experiencing poor employee productivity and poor customer service.