The RKD Group is nationally recognized for its expertise in linking investments in human capital to business strategy execution. Our consultants balance qualitative and quantitative approaches to human resources strategy development and leadership and organizational alignment.

Our problem solving approach focuses on the fundamental drivers of individual and group performance. We examine both the talent within the organization as well as their people-based infrastructure. Our engagements have featured:

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Resource Strategy
Develop and implement human capital strategies
that enable business strategy execution.
Apply fundamental, holistic approaches
to improve the return on human capital
and focus leaders and employees on
the key business outcomes that
most enhance
shareholder value.

Compensation strategy, base pay and variable pay plans for leaders and employees, compensation surveys, gainsharing/
goalsharing plans, competency based
pay, team based pay, skill based pay,
market pay analysis, salary
structures, and FLSA compliance.

Quantifying the true costs, determining
the key causes and developing the
impactful cures for turnover.

Qualitative and quantitative assessments to
identify barriers inhibiting employees from
delivering the company's business strategy.
Determine the high impact actions
required for improved performance.

Single and multi-rater performance
management processes for leaders and
employees, utilizing automated and online
administration systems.

Resource Audits
Strategic assessment of the utilization of human
capital to achieve business objectves,
and/or review of regulatory compliance
and the consistent and effective
administration of human resource
policies, procedures and processes.