We help organizations execute business strategy.    We do that by ensuring that their people systems, the infrastructure that holds the organization together, are aligned and effective in getting employees organized, deployed, assessed and compensated in a way that enables organizations to achieve their business objectives.

Considering our client’s strategic objectives, we assess how employees relate to the measures of operational and financial performance.
Then, we focus on the metrics they most influence and determine how to best align them with these key performance drivers. We believe that aligning performance management and rewards systems is particularly important.

We believe that exacting diagnostic assessments enable highly impactful solutions sets. Often, clients request a specific solution not realizing that it is unlikely to produce the desired results. Accurately assessing organizational needs is critical for impactful intervention. Otherwise, the time and expense incurred in developing and implementing a wonderful solution will be sub-optimized because it is the wrong solution for the problem’s root cause.

One unique aspect of our human capital work is the way we enhance our qualitative capabilities with deep quantitative analyses and insights. We combine HR data and business data and analyze it with a strong dose of workplace reality. This balanced approach to “big data” distinguishes RKD Group in a crowded field.

We also deploy a high involvement approach with our clients. We involve leaders and associates in the design and implementation of solutions. This approach ensures not only the best design but also enables ownership and highly effective execution. And, while design is important, execution is more important.

Thus, from the start, our focus is on the organization’s ability to execute a particular plan, approach or strategy. This focus helps us to avoid the “great plan/poorly executed” syndrome. We believe that consultants must meet the client “where they are” and be ever mindful of the client’s executional capabilities. And, while striving to improve it to its highest level, we must be mindful of the client’s current business position, people, and people infrastructures.
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